What is Agile?

Helping organizations and individuals respond to continuous change. Are you looking to uncover better ways to help your customers, products, and services? Our agile certification and training offers a new way of thinking about product and service development that enables organizations to master continuous improvement with a customer-driven approach.

An Agile Training Course For Everyone

Agile is a way of thinking and Agile methods are a way of doing. Change is hard and requires training, focus, and commitment and an understanding of how you will go about getting results. It is like going on a diet.  There are different approaches to get those results. Scrum, Kanban, and Lean are the most popular Agile methods to doing things better and faster.  All these methods take an iterative and incremental approach to product and service development.

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Does your project have unknowns and changing requirements? Scrum is the most widely used framework.  It is a lightweight framework that allows for people and organizations to adapt their process and tools, while working closely with the customer, and deliver usable work in short periods of time.

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Kanban is an Agile method that helps visual work in progress and is best suited for operational work (for example: a service desk). Kanban uses an assembly-line approach to move work from start to finish without overloading your team’s plate.

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Consider this the same as Scrum but at an enterprise level as opposed to the individual level.

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