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Take your Agile transformation to the next level through our online and in-person training & certifications.

Agile Training

Agile training is a way to improve business outcomes to get results that make happy customers. There are many misconceptions around Agile and Agile methods. Training can help expose those misconceptions and clarify the difference between an Agile way of thinking and an Agile way of doing business.

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Learn Agile Training

No matter where you live in the world in our virtual classrooms led by agile coach and certified Scrum Master, Scrum trainer, Kim Brainard.  Kim’s “back of the room” training approach, real world examples, high energy, and a formulated experiential training approach will help you learn, achieve your certification, and have fun while doing it.

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Find the Right Course

Agile is a way of thinking and Agile methods
are a way of doing.

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Train Your Team

Agile practices have influenced how team’s go
about product development which enables innovation and speed to market.

Who Is Agile Brain Group?

Agile Brain Group is an Agile consulting family committed to helping clients implement the right Agile practices that best suit their specific needs. We take the approach to partner with our clients to tackle typical challenges companies face when transitioning to Agile. We provide clients with a seamless coach, learn, and sustain model using Agile techniques, principles and values, drawing from frameworks such as Scrum. Kanban, Lean Thinking, sociology, and psychology.


I took a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) class from Kim and was so impressed that we are now working at the college to have not only the CSM course but also the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) class offered each semester with her. Her facilitation of students is so engaging that they walk away from the courses having “loved every minute” and being completely ready for the exams. I would highly recommend Kim and Agile Brain Group to anyone.

Lee Carpenter

Lee Carpenter


I am a conference organizer for Agile Cincinnati and AgileIndy conferences (focused on speakers in the past). Kim has spoken at both conferences numerous times. The feedback from attendees was outstanding. Kim is a phenomenal presenter who interactively engages her audience to be part of the journey. If you are looking for a keynote, emcee, or presenter for your conference, you would be wise to take a look at Kim.

Darren Terrell

Darren Terrell

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