Certified Scrum Product Owner® (3-Half Days)

This immersive, interactive experience is designed to provide aspiring Product Owners and those looking to refine their skills with a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum framework, its principles, and the critical role a Product Owner plays in agile teams.

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Our Certified Scrum Product Owner® workshop is a dynamic and engaging two-day immersion into the role of a Product Owner and explores product strategy. This highly interactive, experiential virtual, workshop will simulate an in person experience. This NO death by PowerPoint, workshop will provide attendees a hands-on experience as you work as a small team and learn through discussion, exercises, and games.

The Certified Scrum Product Owner workshop is suited for all levels of Scrum experience, specifically those ready to master skills including Product Owner Role and Product Backlog; Product Vision and Strategy; User Stories and User Story Maps; Product Planning/Forecasting and Creating Customer Focus.

Our course curriculum sets the standard for Product Owner know-how, drawing on our inventive exercises, case-studies and real-world experience of implementing Scrum across industries, including energy, finance, healthcare, defense and technology. With a Scrum Product Owner certification (CSPO), you will be able to fulfill the role of Product Owner on a Scrum team.


As a Virtual Scrum Product Owner class participant, I want…

  1. To describe the Scrum framework, so that I can clearly comprehend the Scrum process
  2. To describe the roles and responsibilities in Scrum, so that I can understand who does what
  3. To do a Scrum simulation, so that I have a real-world example to base the class exercises on
  4. To demonstrate how to create a Product Vision Statement, so that I can establish a guiding light for the product, with the help of my Stakeholders
  5. To demonstrate how to create a Product Roadmap, so that I can chart a course for the team and help build consensus with my Stakeholders
  6. To demonstrate how to establish User Roles and Personas, so that I can ensure that I don’t miss an important Stakeholder’s business need
  7. To understand Story Mapping, so that I can walk my Stakeholders through my product and avoid missing some major functionality.
  8. To understand how to test product assumptions, so that I build what my customers truly need
  9. To explain how to seed a Product Backlog, so that I can quickly establish enough Backlog items so that the team can start Sprinting
  10. To demonstrate how to write User Stories, so that I can clearly articulate the who, what, and why behind a Backlog item.
  11. To demonstrate how to quickly assess business value, so that I can establish an initial priority for the Backlog items in my Product Backlog
  12. To list several ways to prioritize my Product Backlog, so that I can determine the best approach for the situation at hand.
  13. To refine my Product Backlog, so that it is ready for Sprint Planning
  14. To demonstrate how to create a release plan, so that I can determine the best time to put the product increment in my Stakeholders’ hands
  15. To understand my role as a Product Owner during the Sprint, so that I know how I can best support my team
  16. To list areas where we might get into trouble so that I know what to look out for as my organization implements Scrum

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