Coach to Impact (ICAgile ACC)

IMPACT Leadership (ICAgile Agile Coaching Certification ACC) During this 2-day workshop, we cover what it takes to transition from a management stance to making an IMPACT as a True Leader. We will Impact Coaching stances and how you can makes an IMPACT to the organization as well as the teams. Enterprise agility is the result of taking a holistic ‘whole organization’ approach to change to get better business results in a complex and rapidly changing market.

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You will gain advanced methods through a series of practical and in-depth exercises and learn by doing. Often one of the things people first learn when they attend our IMPACT Leadership workshop is that no one person can do it all. It takes a team of coaches and facilitators to sustain business agility and to practice and understand the different stances when working in specific areas across the enterprise. You will leave with a toolkit of broad skills and competencies across several domains. You will experience best practices of Agile Coaching & Facilitation at the team level to the enterprise and apply tools and techniques to real life simulations.

This highly interactive learning experience is for those interested in deepening their understanding of how to do more of the things that already enable them as Agile leaders and would like to explore the things that are holding them back. Becoming Agile is never easy and never ending. We will build upon your fundamental knowledge and enhance you as a seasoned coach and facilitator to help lead your teams  and the enterprise to a higher level of maturity. Discover how to shift your mindset and remove the “impostor” and take a stance towards the path to agility.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the connection between leadership and coaching to achieve high performance
  • Explain the value of agile coaching and leading with coaching in today’s world
  • Explore and practice using a coaching framework to find your leadership stance
  • Learn to assess the level of coaching a team requires and when to ask for help
  • Demonstrate how to kick off a new team and provide them with a foundation for success
  • Apply multiple coaching tools and techniques, in various situations, to help individuals and teams create and maintain a high performing team
  • Dispel common Agile Leadership Myths to address real team challenges
  • Learn about and practice shifting your mindset to approach leadership challenges from new perspectives that empower teams
  • Explore your ability and capacity as a coach and leader and determine what areas you need to improve
  • Explore challenges with organizational agility and multiple teams — and opportunities to address the challenges
  • Experience new ideas to help teams embrace healthy conflict as normal
  • Demonstrate Training from the Back of the Room, Brain-based training techniques that you can use as a leader, manager, or coach to help your teams continuously improve
  • Apply practices & skills from the field of Professional Coaching and learn how they are critical to your success as a leader
  • Establish and refine a leadership backlog to apply when you return to work

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